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INCORE Capital Management sees strong economic fundamentals with risk premiums near cycle lows. Portfolio Manager Richard Consul’s webinar explains what this means for fixed income investors.

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  • Trade Uncertainty: What are Fundamentals Saying?


    INCORE Capital Management Portfolio Manager Richard Consul hosts a webinar discussing economic fundamentals from a macro perspective to interest rate positioning.

    Asset TV 1Q17
  • Tax cuts sweetening economic projections


    With new tax cuts in play, Rich shares his macro view of the economy and examines his team's sector positioning.

    tax cuts thumbnail
  • FOMC Forges Ahead, Despite Inflation “Mystery”


    Richard Consul, Senior Portfolio Manager at INCORE Capital Management takes an analytical look at risk premium as expressed by the steepness of the yield curve and shares his insight into how the curve has evolved over the last 4 years.

    FOMC Forges Ahead Placeholder Image
  • They're Back!


    Almost a decade after the financial crisis, the banking sector looks healthy with candidates for growth at reasonable valuations

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  • Yield "Curve" Throwing Investors for a Loop


    Richard Consul of INCORE takes an analytical look at risk premium as expressed by the steepness of the yield curve

    Asset TV 2Q17
  • Headed down a rabbit hole?


    The threat to globalization must be acknowledged, but history suggests it won’t be derailed

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  • Fixed income insights: are investors getting carried away


    Portfolio Manager Richard Consul analyzes the fixed income market from both a valuation perspective and a macro perspective, diving into factors like personal consumption and rising rates that are impacting the space.

    Asset TV 1Q17
  • Markets shift as fiscal policy takes the wheel


    INCORE Capital Management Senior Portfolio Manager Richard Consul examines how markets have shifted since the Trump election and talks about some key aspects of fiscal policy in 2017.

    FI Insights 4Q16 thumb
  • Don’t be fooled


    Powerful megatrends continue to offer active investors an array of potential long-term opportunities in China.

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  • Growth from the Bottom Up


    It takes an eye for innovation along with deep research to spot pioneering, disruptive businesses. This brochure outlines how the RS Growth Team pursues these opportunities, both large and small.

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