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INCORE Capital Management

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Amy Bush, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Amy Bush, CFA

Portfolio Manager and Fixed Income Portfolio Strategist

Amy Bush is a portfolio manager and fixed income portfolio strategist for INCORE Capital Management. In this role, she helps manage INCORE’s convertible securities portfolios as well as specific common, charitable, employee benefits, and mutual funds. The Investment Grade Convertible team was renamed INCORE Capital Management on April 1, 2015. INCORE Capital Management is a Victory Capital investment franchise.

Ms. Bush joined Victory Capital in 1994. Prior to her tenure as a portfolio manager, she was a convertible securities research analyst for Victory Capital and a credit analyst for Society Bank.

Ms. Bush has spoken frequently on the subject of convertible securities and how this unique asset class may fit in a well-diversified portfolio. She has made guest appearances on radio and been quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Transcript. She also was recognized as a “Woman of Excellence” by the Cleveland chapter of the YWCA.

Ms. Bush holds a B.A. from Miami University and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University. She is a CFA® charterholder.