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S. Brad Fush, CFA, Director, Fixed Income Credit Research

S. Brad Fush, CFA

Director, Fixed Income Credit Research

Brad Fush is director of fixed income credit research for INCORE Capital Management. In this role, he leads the fixed income credit research effort. His primary focus is on performing modeling and credit analysis on corporate bond sectors and issuers. Munder Capital Management was acquired by Victory Capital in October 2014. INCORE Capital Management is a Victory Capital investment franchise.

Mr. Fush joined Munder in 2000 and has 24 years of investment industry experience, including significant experience with in-depth credit modeling and credit analysis. He was previously with Comerica Bank, where he was a commercial credit analyst, lender and manager. 

Mr. Fush earned a B.A. in economics from Albion College and an MBA in finance and M.S. in accounting from Wayne State University. He is a CFA® charterholder and member of the CFA Institute and CFA Society of Detroit.