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Our Insights


Richard Consul, Senior Portfolio Manager at INCORE Capital Management takes an analytical look at risk premium as expressed by the steepness of the yield curve and shares his insight into how the curve has evolved over the last 4 years.

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  • Put Your International and Global Managers to the Test


    International stocks have become a much larger share of the investment universe. There are now hundreds of asset managers in the international and global markets. How has your manager added value?

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  • The RS Growth Advantage


    Growth investing runs deep at RS Investments, dating back to the firm’s inception nearly 30 years ago. Read more about the RS Growth team and the products they manage.

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  • They're Back!


    Almost a decade after the financial crisis, the banking sector looks healthy with candidates for growth at reasonable valuations

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  • Yield "Curve" Throwing Investors for a Loop


    Richard Consul of INCORE takes an analytical look at risk premium as expressed by the steepness of the yield curve

    Asset TV 2Q17
  • IN BRIEF │ Bracing for higher rates


    Why you should stick to your long-term investment strategy.

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  • Don't waste your time


    Market volatility reminds us that sticking to our long-term investment strategy is generally more effective than trying to time the market.

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  • Headed down a rabbit hole?


    The threat to globalization must be acknowledged, but history suggests it won’t be derailed

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  • Fixed income insights: are investors getting carried away


    Portfolio Manager Richard Consul analyzes the fixed income market from both a valuation perspective and a macro perspective, diving into factors like personal consumption and rising rates that are impacting the space.

    Asset TV 1Q17
  • Scouring the Globe for Alpha


    Capitalizing on the potential of emerging markets equities takes unique skill. Sophus Capital is a diverse group of professionals long on experience with a proven process that marries the best of analytical tools with fundamental research.

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  • Markets shift as fiscal policy takes the wheel


    INCORE Capital Management Senior Portfolio Manager Richard Consul examines how markets have shifted since the Trump election and talks about some key aspects of fiscal policy in 2017.

    FI Insights 4Q16 thumb
  • Don’t be fooled


    Powerful megatrends continue to offer active investors an array of potential long-term opportunities in China.

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  • The Importance of Diversification Quilt Chart


    There is a strong argument for portfolio diversification as an important component of reaching long-term financial goals. No one knows which asset classes will be the best performers from year to year – all the more reason to diversify.

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  • Now what? Part two


    This is the second in our two-part series aimed at helping investors understand the recent election and its potential impact on the economy, the markets, and specific industry sectors. We hope you find this commentary informative and helpful.

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  • Now what? Part one


    This is the first in a two-part series and features insights from four of our Chief Investment Officers, all of whom remind us to let history be our guide to keep perspective.

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  • Has Monetary Policy Reached its Limits?


    Richard Consul of INCORE Capital Management explains why his team believes this cycle’s terminal fed funds rate will be at or below 2.0%

    Asset TV Nov 2016
  • Growth from the Bottom Up


    It takes an eye for innovation along with deep research to spot pioneering, disruptive businesses. This brochure outlines how the RS Growth Team pursues these opportunities, both large and small.

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  • Will the U.S. Consumer Look Past "Brexitement"?


    Richard Consul of INCORE Capital Management highlights the fixed income landscape post Brexit, focusing on macro economic factors and headwinds.

  • Brexit: How Sentiment Is Impacting Small-Cap Equities in the United Kingdom


    Amid the run-up to the June 23 ‘Brexit’ referendum, it is important to understand how the U.K.’s equity market has been impacted by the swings in sentiment over the last five and half months. Learn how Trivalent Investments manages through uncertain times.

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  • US Consumption Resilient Despite Global Volatility


    Watch as Richard Consul, Senior Portfolio Manager at INCORE Capital Management, provides insight on the fixed income market for the second quarter of 2016.

  • Fixed Income Insights: US Consumer Stronger than "China Doll"


    Watch as Richard Consul, Senior Portfolio Manager at INCORE Capital Management, provides insight on the fixed income market for the first quarter of 2016.

    China Doll Video