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Investment Franchises

Fixed income professionals, specializing in total return and convertible securities strategies. Team’s process is independent, comprehensive and repeatable.

Institutional approach to managing value-oriented equities. Fundamental process seeks to identify the right company at the right price at the right time. 

Growth and core equity specialists since 1998. Focus on stock selection through fundamental research. 

 Fundamental, high conviction approach to large cap growth and global strategies. 

Actively managed growth, value and global equity strategies rooted in critical thinking, deep research and careful security selection.

Emerging markets specialists. Integrate quantitative and fundamental research to identify companies with the potential for sustained above-average earnings growth at attractive valuations. 

Mid and small cap value specialists. Team’s process is Disciplined, Sustainable and Rooted in Value. 

Quantitative and fundamental approach to managing international equity strategies. 

The USAA Mutual Funds family includes a wide variety of solutions to help you meet your investment needs. The funds are managed by the USAA Investments, a Victory Capital Investment Franchise and the Victory Capital Solutions team.