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Victory Market Neutral Income Fund
  • The Victory Market Neutral Income Fund:
    • Has historically delivered returns that are uncorrelated to stocks and bonds
    • Mitigates the effect of market volatility and equity risk on the fund through a market neutral portfolio
    • Offers an alternative approach that seeks to provide high current income
  • The team uses a proprietary, systematic process that invests in high-dividend securities and shorts equity index futures to help minimize market risk and volatility.

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5-Year Fund Statistics are shown for share classes with five years of performance history. For Share Classes with less than five years of history, Class I Shares statistics are displayed.

Risk Measures


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Asset Allocation

The Fund seeks to achieve high current income. 

The Fund utilizes a proprietary market neutral investment strategy designed to seek income from its investments while maintaining a low correlation to foreign and domestic equity and bond markets.


The Fund uses a multi-strategy approach. First, the Fund invests in securities of the Nasdaq Victory Volatility Weighted High Dividend Indexes. The allocation to each Nasdaq Victory Volatility Weighted High Dividend Index is equally weighted. Second, the Fund seeks to offset equity market risk by shorting high-correlating equity futures contracts, such as the S&P 500®, Russell 2000® or MSCI EAFE and Emerging Markets indexes, or ETFs that track such indices. The Fund may also allocate to a basket of options and/or futures to offset basis risk of long positions in high-dividend stocks and short positions in equity index futures.


The Fund's investments in foreign or domestic dividend-producing equity securities may include securities of any market capitalization size that are included in the Nasdaq Victory High Dividend Volatility Weighted Indexes.

Management Team

Mannik S. Dhillon
Mannik S. Dhillon, CFA, CAIA

President, Investment Franchises & Solutions and Head of Product & Strategy

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